🚨 Businesses need both to survive 🚨

We help young companies grow up,
and older companies learn
from their children.

📣 Social Proof

"Hiring Ben was one of the best decisions we have made. His knowledge of how to grow a business - in all aspects - is phenomenal and his attitude is first class. He helped us with hiring, customer growth, and operations and the results were fantastic. In just two weeks Ben delivered far more than we expected.”

Rich Vibert, CEO & Founder, Metomic.io

You need Peace & Love when:

  • 🥁 You did everything by the book but it ain't "grooving".
  • 😬 The team are talented but no results.
  • 🥶 Growth was great but it's stalled.
  • 🚤 Your competitors are 10x faster than you.
  • 😴 "We've always been this way..."
  • 🤫 "We need to change."
  • 🤔 When you don't know what to do next.
  • 😳 You're not enjoying being the boss.
  • 🙀 You fall asleep but wake up with a start.
  • 📆 You had a plan but everyone is focussed on something else.
  • 🙃 It used to be fun, but now it's a job.

    Hi - I'm Benjamin Southworth - 18 years, that's how long I've been in startups. At various points I've also consulted for BBC Worldwide, Heineken, Aviva, Lloyds, Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever. I've been Entrepeneur In Residence at Techstars. I've interviewed at yCombinator. I was one of the 3 beards. I was one of TechCity crew. I know modern businesses. I have some. I'm here to help.

    Developer day rates for experienced,
    startup seasoned, government hardened,
    functional, strategic, creative,
    zero-bullshit executive advice.

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    ☠️ AND - I can still code - kinda - h4x0r ☠️


War is over, if you want it

Peace is:

  • Operations
  • Management
  • Internal Structure
  • Purpose
  • Positioning
  • Ethics
  • Values
  • Approach
  • Business Model
  • Future Proofing
  • Sustainability
  • Process


I'm a lover not a fighter

Love is:

  • Brand
  • Marketing
  • Tone
  • Art Direction
  • Social
  • Presentations
  • Innovation
  • Training
  • Staff Retention
  • Customer Experience
  • Product

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